Monday, November 17, 2008

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Holland, Michigan

Hey everybody! Sorry about how long it's been since my
last post...

When we were at the beach in Michigan, Jeff found some sand dunes that we
could jump off of. It was pretty fun!

Mom & Tom went back down to the beach to get these pics of the sunset. It looks amazing.

That night we got ice cream at a place called Coldstone Creamery. I got the biggest

one they had and I pretty much regretted that decision.

Ethan's buried in the sand here. We tried to have him put on the
snorkling gear to breath, but it didn't last long!

Ethan and I, enjoying some lake time. At one point Jeff & me went out to where it was at least 11 feet deep. It made me nervous trying to swim back because I already used all my strength on the way out...

Levi went around taking pics of everyone. ( notice me drinking out of the sippy cup)

More Levi...

Jose (a guy from my Dad's work) helped us clean up after another big tree fell.
This tree is our next victim!

This is a set I rebuilt that was my Dad's from before I was born. Can you see the Star Wars figures I threw in?

~Hey everyone! I'll try to post again sooner next time! Ethan, Mel, Levi, & I have been doing soccer for the past 3 weeks. E & me weren't going to play but our coach did't have enough players and somehow our break from this season isn't going to happen! On Tuesday us 3 boys spent the night at our uncle Tom's house. We watched the Three Stooges and the first X-men. In my next post I'll post about some other things that are going on with us. It just took all my strength to upload the pictures though! Thanks everyone!

Monday, August 18, 2008


Hello everyone! ( I never thought of greeting people when I start )

My favorite movies: The Lord of the Rings trilogy, all of the Star Wars,
Batman The Dark Knight, and Braveheart.

Things I do: Help coach soccer ( This season I'm not playing to help coach Levi's team ),
play guitar , and draw the pictures in our superhero book.

My favorite foods: Donato's pizza, grilled cheese, fruit salad.

Things that scare me: Big spiders ( like the one that was on my mom's blog ),
a big dog that will chase and jump up on me, seeing sharks on an IMAX screen.

Places I've been: Montana, Canada, and Cape Cod, Massuchusetts.

Now you know a little bit more about me!

Thanks Everyone!


Friday, August 15, 2008

olyfjhvkbgghk (couldn't come up with a title)

Ethan was going so fast on this he almost bashed his head
on the front...

Melanie & me go karting at Rascal's Fun Zone!

On Wednesday night we went out and

after we were done here we went to eat at Joe's Crab Shack

with our friend Jeff who had just gotten home from Oregon...

Nora & Molly tearin up the swingset with my help!

Our newest lego creation... This is the queen's garden in
the castle.

These knights are seiging the castle!
When we're done with this we're going to combine
the armies for one big army!

I put the camera down in the castle for this one...
When I saw it I thought it was so awesome!

Lastnight we had our cousin Piper spend the night after we went to the park with them.
Tommorow Melanie has her first soccer practice... Afterwards our uncle Tom is taking us to
the Musuem of Art to see the Egyptian exhibit! I still have to finish Illinois part 2 and Luke
tagged me to do a me-me... Come back and I'll try to have done those.
Thanks everyone!


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Illinois : part 1

Dad holding Molly while she eats Levi's shoe!
And me jumping on a tube in the background...

Me holding Molly on the stairs
and Mollys trying to squirm out and
fall on the piano.
On Sunday after church we went to Illinios to have a party for my Grandma's 60th birthday! We went to Monicals pizza and it was great! After we were done there we went back to their house and swam for a while and after we had cake & icecream... That night when we got home I was was dead tired at 10:30 p.m. I will post about this later, it's just blogger has been going very slowly... Thanks everyone!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

This is me right before we went into the theatre
to see Batman The Dark Knight in Imax,
It was AWESOME!!!

This is a mini terracotta soldier Tom got for

me at the Getty museum in California,

Ethan got one too.

This is the locust tree in our yard that my Dad cut into,

the wind blew it down during a storm a week ago. E, Melanie, & me have been

cleaning it up after a guy came down and cut it up last week...

And here's our amazing pool! It's awesome to have after

we work outside and get sweaty...

The past couple weeks I've been coaching soccer camp at Mount Pleasent Church. Two weeks ago I did coaching for first grade through fifth, and last week I did 3 days of ages three through six... I'd say it was alot easier with 1st - 5th grade just because they understood what was going on better. I will definitly do it next year... The pool has been great to jump into after working outside. The tree that fell has been pretty tough work, so far I've hurt myself 5 times. I will post again later about whats been going on with us.

Thanks everyone!


Monday, July 7, 2008

Our Weekend

Here's a picture of our Lego version of
Robin Hood's forest. On the sides are the
outlaw's campsites and on the end is their forest village.
Ethan will be posting about this later also...

The top side is Robin Hood's group of men area,

and the other is Will o' the Green's hideout.

The yellow building is the little town church...

Mom was walking around taking pictures

of everyone at Molly's party!

On Friday morning Mom went to Edinburgh with Grandma, Aunt Becky, Nora, Mel, and Molly. So Levi and I
got up and watched PBS kids while I built the Lego place. That evening family came down for
Molly's 1st b-day party! Afterwards we went downtown to Starbucks and watched the fireworks
with our friends the Koch's. On Saturday we went to see Iron Man. It was pretty awesome!
Our uncle Tom, Mr. Russell and his son Collin came with us.That night we had the Bandy's over for dinner. Yesterday after church we came home and all 6 of us (Molly was sleeping) played in the pool, with the beach ball sent to us from our cousins Tory, Linda and David ! That was how we spent our 3 day weekend!
Thanks Everyone!